Manufactured Rewards

Manufactured Rewards - student project

X for Y: Belly for the Dental Manufacturing Industry

EP: Rewards/Loyalty Program for the Dental Manufacturing Industry

Problem: The Dental Industry (Doctor’s offices, distributors & manufacturers) has become dependent on buying or selling products through free goods promotions. Dental distributors and manufacturers are giving away products that could be sold and contribute to the bottom line.

Solution: A Dental Rewards/Loyalty Program for the manufacturers that allows Dental offices to accrue points through an on-line program, unique to each manufacturer, and redeem later for items or services. The system would also give the manufacturers direct data on their customer’s purchasing habits and allow for creating more customized plans based on the office’s needs.

Steps to earn rewards:

  1. Dental office purchases products from a distributor and receives invoice of purchased products
  2. Dental office logs on to Manufactured Reward site and enters in purchases, for all eligible manufacturers, and uploads a copy of invoice to earn rewards points
  3. Manufacturer(s) confirm purchases and reward points are officially uploaded to the office’s overview/tracking page

These steps are similar to the current industry process used to receive free goods. Instead of free goods they would earn redeemable points. Manufactured Rewards would also save manufacturers money on shipping and make them more environmentally friendly.

My main concern is trying to change the habits of an entire industry.

I must re-evaluate my rewards system. Through my interviews, I learned that doctors don't generate enough points for individual manufacturers to have their own programs. I have to find a way for doctors to earn products or services from manufacturers if the manufacturers want to get rid of the buy, get promotional system.