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Manterola Family Crest

I'm coming at this project a little differently. My extended family doesn't have the typical clan mentality with family sayings and all. So my goal is to create a family crest that combines my mothers side and my dads side to create a personal family crest.

I've had to sit on this project for a minute while I got some info from my dad. Time to learn about the Manterola Clan! Turns out there's a town in Spain named after us! My dad was even able to provide some historical crests for me to take a look at. I also did some digging on my moms family. My grandfathers family name is Rose, which was originally Ross. Ross comes from the German "hros" which means "horse."

My task now is to include both elements from both with elements that represent my family.

My initial sketches were rough, but I knew I wanted to include water, a house and a horse.

My work flow got a little cray.

First Draft

Colors to come

Update 11/20/14

I wasn't really happy with the first draft so I came at the crest again. This one moves away from the historical aspect of the name, although I did keep the house in there. With this version I wanted to make it a little more personal. Obviously we're from Florida. My mom and I are both creatives, albeit two different relms. My dad and brother are both tech wizards, hence the mouse. Travel has always been important to us. My dad has had that shark tattooed on his shoulder for as long as I can remember, so I felt it important to include that.

Colors still to come. Let me know what you think.

Color update! 11/23/14

I'm still tweaking things. But for now I decided to do a full illustrative color. Let me know what you think!


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