Manny the Manatee

Manny the Manatee - student project

Manny the Manatee - image 1 - student projectI created Manny the Manatee for the first lesson! But I went too far and added color instead of doing just a sketch, so I decided to redraw him:

Manny the Manatee - image 2 - student project
I absolutely LOVE taking baths and since the character was originally based on personality attributes that described me, I thought it'd be fun to draw Manny taking a bath!

Manny the Manatee - image 3 - student project
Just a few test doodles I did while listening & watching the lesson! I felt especially drawn to the Tombow ABT brush pen I used, and also my trusty BIC pen. I have been journalling a lot recently and absolutely loving using a BIC pen to write down my feelings and draw.

Manny the Manatee - image 4 - student projectHere is Manny deconstructed, using the brush pen.

Manny the Manatee - image 5 - student project
And here's my version of Manny with the BIC pen. I don't have a light box, so it was a bit tricky to do the deconstruction (I used my laptop screen to backlight and trace). So I just decided to go over the sketch with my pen.

Overall, I love how these turned out! I usually work 100% digitally, so this was a very nice and welcome change of pace. There's something awesome about working with tactile materials such as pens and brush pens and even pencil that can be really hard to recreate digitally.

Thanks for taking a look at my project!