Manny the Manatee in a bath

My original character was Manny the Manatee from the first lesson!



Though i jumped the gun in the first lesson and went ahead and colored him, so I decided to redraw him taking a bath in lesson 2:

This is how the pen outline turned out after live tracing in illustrator:

My original attributes were clumsy, peaceful, and kind, so I wanted to choose colors that were calming and felt friendly/inviting. When I was a kid and used to take baths I remember using a ton of Mr. Bubble and wanted to incorporate that pink! I also thought pastels would be great for this and used hints of blue and yellow as well.


Unfortunately I don't have any actual watercolors to use, but I do have some nifty texture brushes in photoshop, so I played with those and this is the end result!

Overall, I like how this turned out but feel like I could improve upon it in more ways than one. I definitely would like to improve and get better at line work! Usually my sketches are suuper messy to the point of extreme sloppiness - and I have to make a conscious effort to try to rein things in sometimes.

However, this was a really fun exercise and I enjoyed every second of it! I sometimes feel intimidated and scared to draw, and this really helped free me up to explore and experiment. Thank you for these awesome classes & lessons!


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