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So  I started this project because I had a little trouble with bringing my sketches to real thing. As discussed in the classes: putting your illustrations on mugs, making posters, tshirts etc. I hoped to find some information on finisching up my illustrations and really taking them out of my sketchbook.

So this was the first scan


This is the scan after some levels and curves adjustments. Also experimented with threshold but levels gives me more control.


The I decided to try and color it in using Photoshops paintbucket tool. Wasn't that happy with the color pallet. Also there is a lot of character in mymarker lines and I dont know how this should translate to digital.


Then I let it rest for a while I even considered it finished and uploaded it to my tumblr: Have a look

Then after a while i dscovered the file was still opened somwhere on a computer and i decided to vector it. I hate using the pen tool really it's just too slow. But with some time and patience I traced the whole drawing mannualy and I actually enjoyed it at a point but I had a lot o doubts because it wasnt looking that good and there was a lot of time going into it. 


Completed the trace. Noticed i have a lot of open areas wich gives me some problems with colloring.


Experimented with different line thickness and negative possitive space. Thats where the project is now. I dont feel ike colloring it in because i feel I am over complicating things. Wich version do you guys like beter?


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