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Manipulator Without Illustrator

I was very excited to have the opportunity to take this class but I failed to realize that i had to know Illustrator. I do not have this program and I will try to download the free one called inkscape but this is a bit complicated to do and I am only semi literate about computers. Nonetheless i want to do the class but I thought I would use a lot of rubber stamps and other things to make/create patterns and complete the assignments.

I am a sculptor so I really must have my hands on tangibles!

Thus far my brainstorm words are;

Many letters   One letter

clouds  no clouds

eyes/ sunglasses

earrings / no earrings

on the vine / off the vine

guns / no guns

many fish / one fisherman

fire burning/ fire out

I haven't got started on making anything yet but will try to get the inkscape working but I know I will not know how to use it like Jenna who seems to be an illustrator wiz. I can see some advantages to computers doing so much for accuracy but I fear i will just lack the skills.


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