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Find below my evolving project for Monika Kanokova's class ‘An Insightful Guide to Becoming a Freelancer’. As I move forward to adapt and refine my freelance intentions this manifesto will change.

Please feel free check back occasionally to view progress, and to say hi and add any feedback in the comments — I'd love to see what other skillsharers are thinking about and working on. 
Many thanks to Monika for the opportunity.

What am I GOOD at?

 - My calling; A broad understanding and application of design-led knowledge and skills

IDEAS - Passionate about actioning creativity and innovation; Good at linking idea-generation and development with aesthetics; Not afraid of bold ideas

CONVERSATION - Articulate, Solid interpersonal skills, Passionate about learning-by-conversation, Uses social media to make connections and jump in to interesting conversations

IMAGE-MAKING - Confident graphic skills; Expressive human-led aesthetic; Focusing on Identity and Illustration; Practical knowledge of industry-standard tools; Integration of multidisciplinary tools and unique handmade approaches.

How do you WANT to spend your days?

I want to take charge and be more productive with my days/nights. I see myself working on a range of projects, collaborating with others (individuals and teams), dedicating time to learning > developing > using my knowledge, and better-defining a successful, happy work/life balance.

Increasing my design output and promoting awareness is the first step to shaping my freelance design career.

What do you want to produce?

Creative thinking and aesthetics for a range of projects manifesting in design work. I am open and interested in collaborating with a diverse discisplinary field. Areas of interest include publishing, arts and culture, community groups, health, education, non-profit and business.

KEY CAPABILITIES: Identity work; Typography and Lettering; Illustration; Copywriting; Art Direction

EXAMPLE DELIVERABLES: Branding elements and creative implimentation, book covers, typographic treatments for publications, editorial illustrations, visuals for advertising and storytelling, layout for magazines and online, signage and visual merchandising for retail space, design for social media, packaging and product design, music visuals

How others will BENEFIT from working with you?

Design changes our world. I want to actively participate and drive change by design.

I want to align myself with projects and clients/partners with common interests and areas of overlap in thinking. This approach results in common goals by which I can deliver: increased audiences and awareness; work that builds on and highlights core values; work that represents humanity and personality; expressive and human work that is visually interesting and exciting.

I believe good design is part of a larger way of thinking about things. It says something about the people who make it (primarily designer/s and clients/partners). I want to make work I believe in. I take on projects that are aligned with my values, which is a benefit in delivering my best efforts to clients/partners/audiences.

How will you MAKE PEOPLE KNOW about you and your work?

 Portfolio, Emphasis on what I can do for others, Generate new work.

STORE: To direct personal projects toward action (posters, design objects). Profits to go back into materials and tools. In this way I will explore the online commercial space, generate interest in my work and learn about consumer behaviour. Ultimately this will allow me to develop connections.

DIRECT APPROACH: Confidently contact studios/agencies/businesses directly and sharing my work. I am interested in crushing fear and embedding more confidence in my work as I grow my audience. Already I have approached several key people in the industry via twitter with positive results.

SOCIAL: Currently I am building a social following and openly sharing ideas, conversations and action. Find me on twitter @jamesstuckey

GOALS for this class?

— Build up connections in various industries

— Collaborate on a side project

— Build and share my website

I am happy to report that I am actively working on all three goals. 
Thanks again for reading. I look forward to starting a conversation with you and following your projects!


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