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Callum Cussen

Graphic Designer



Manifesto of a Freelance Graphic Designer

Thank you for the class it was interesting and gave myself time to think about what I want from being a freelancer 

Here is my manifesto to push my career towards my goals.

I’m good at:

- Creating artwork 

- Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

- Creating an image that tells story, give sense

- Graphic Design, Composition, Typography

- Sense of authenticity 

- Technical requirements (web and print)

I want to spend my day:

- waking up early

- Reading a book for an hour a day

- Learning a new skill  

- Go to events and meet new people, Once or twice a month

I want to:

- Create work for magazines and promotional adverts

- Create artwork for Sports equipments e.g. Helmets, Skis, Snowboards, Surf boards etc.

How other people benefit:

- I want to give value to a text/article

- I can create an emotional connection with the audience

- I show technical knowledge (web and print)

- I’m professional and know my target market.

Business promotion:

- I have to develop social media and get more followers.

- Contacted artists and companies I am inspired by and gain information from them.

- Go to events and network with future friends and clients.



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