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Manifesto in an Envelope

I feel that before I start, I should introduce myself. 

So, hi, there! I am Riley, I am 17 years old, and I am pursuing that which sets my soul on fire.. A.k.a. I am and Artist and soon-to-be blogger. And I am determined to be successful enough to hold my own in this crazy magical world, because I really don't want to be or do anything else, and having to settle at that point would devastate me. 

I create artwork with pressed wildflowers, typography style quotes, and usually a bit of watercolour. You can check out my artwork here if you wish: I am also launching an inspirational, motivational, uplifting, and all around good vibes based blog November 11th, I encourage you to follow me on instagram to stay informed! (@_rileyreign)

I knew when I started the introduction that I would be sharing my entire experience. I'm not sure exactly why I felt that way but I did, and because getting vulnerable and real is important to me I thought it would be silly if I didn't do that fully with this course. I'm an open book for the most part, so why not share some pages? 

I saw this course on Adam's facebook page, and immediately had to do whatever it took to be able to do this. The idea really inspired me and I thought it would benefit me in manifesting more of what I want in my life. So I signed up and thought it would be a good idea to start in the morning, and instead ending up starting it about 10 minutes after that thought, because I had the time and could use something to do, as well as something to get me out of my comfort zone. 

List ~

I could've gone on and on with this one. I care alot. During this activity I learned that when I get uncomfortable I spell things wrong, due to writing a little too quickly (also maybe too much coffee today, but that isn't a thing is it?). For a moment it was kind of hard for me to not just write half of what Adam did. I think thats because for artists some of what he wrote is incredibly relatable. However, once I got into my 'groove' everything began to flow well. 


Scribble ~

For this one I had no idea what I was really doing until after I started, and I soon realized I wanted this to represent my work ethic, and how much I'm willing to put into my art and writing and working on myself both for my consumers and myself to have a good outcome. So I scribbled the entire page until I felt like the darkness was at 110%. The first layer of scribbling was very abstract, the second slightly more precise and patterned, and the last was more precise and patterened to really lay in the color. Though there still are some areas that lack in depth, it was enough and felt complete and that is all anyone ever wants to be, right?


Tear ~

Tear was the unknown. Adam mentioned a blank page being terrifying to artists & writers ( of which I am both) so I chose a different piece of paper - a page from my writing notebook. And I kind of just began tearing along with the video, but closer to the end my page became me growing up. Which for me is a terrifying thing, especially right now getting closer and closer to turning 18, the age that for whatever reason is just daunting and comes with all of this pressure for no real reason (I mean, yes, there are reasons, but no way do we have to let them be that way or determine who we are or what we are going to do). And I teared up a little... but then it was over, no big deal. So, even though while writing this I am still incredibly scared of growing up, I can look back on this excersize and remember that whatever this thing is that feels so scary to me is, as long as I start I will get through it. 

**UPDATE: I found a piece of paper that didn't make it into the envelope, I've decided to keep it taped in my notebook to remind me that there is always growing and work to do, and good or bad, it's up to me to do it and make it beautiful**

{for anyone wondering, on my notebook underneath the paper the top line says, "be compassionate" and the bottom, "be the light"}


Money, Money, Money ~ 

Money is another scary thing for me, like most people I'm sure. It is survival in a way, and getting closer to being on my own that just amplifies the anxiety about it. And while I wanted to use a $100 bill, I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I made one. Alot of us allow others to determine our worth, and that leads to others determining our confidence, our power, even what we decide to make our career. So on both sides I turned the 1's into 100's. I also wrote a mantra on each side. "I am worthy of all abundance I wish to have." , "I have the power to be who I wish" , and "You decide your worth". 



Memento ~ 

What I chose for Memento I haven't had very long, but I have cherished it incredibly since I got it and it used to hang on my headboard of my bed. This is the first ever thank you card I've recieved from anyone for a piece of my art. Now, I know that my artwork isn't exactly the most original thing in the world. But the energy and thought and love and passion that I put into my creations is something that only I can do, and it's all I want to do for all of my life. Of course I will evolve and grow, and find my voice more, but this is a token of where I started, and the fact that I started in the first place. 


Final Thoughts ~

I REALLY REALLY loved this course. 

Anything that (when I choose to push myself a little farther) pulls me out of my comfort zone and causes me to question my identity inspires me to the core. Because it strengthens my choices in who I am and who I want to be. When you're doing things that seem a little silly it creates a fun enviroment, and then it starts to get deeper and poetic and strike some chords of your soul that really just make the whole thing even more impactful. This really gave me just that much more clarity on what and who I want to be and represent. 

This is the first experience I've had with Adam J.K.'s work so far, and I'm hooked. I only started following him on facebook a few weeks ago and totally love what I've seen, even more so now. 

Much Love & Light


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