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Manifesting Destiny

My focus is to live a life of awarness, love and self-manifestation. To spread love through my actions as I spread awareness and I create my dreams.
Each day represents a different theme and focus in order to help instill habits of love, awareness and self-manifestation in my life.
Monday: Next Level - What's the next step for something on my bucket list? Do it!

Tuesday: Self-Manifestation - Focus & visualize what you want. Write out and create tasks on how to achieve.

Wednesday: Trust The Process - Give yourself affirmations and remind yourself of the 5 W's of your actions.

Thursday: Knowledge - Learn, read, watch etc. somethign new. Can be in or out of interest, but do not hesitate to watch something you typically may not if it catches your attention.

Friday: Gratitude - Express love to family, friends and everyone you come in contact with. Give one thing away.
Saturday: Open Activity - Go outside for 30-60 minutes. Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Take your dogs with you and hug a tree.
Sunday: Reflection - Meditate and journal on the completed and incomplete task from the week. Ask yourself, why the incomplete ones are that way? How can I improve going forward?
The RoutineWake up, make bed, bathroom, brush teeth, put contacts in (10min)

Write in journal (dreams, gratitude, daily goals, affirmations) (10 min)

Eat, make protein shake (10 min)

Meditate (10 min)

Daily Focus (30 min)

Shower (15 min)

Read (20 min)

Meditate (10 minutes)

Run the day.

Total: 1 hr. 55 min. Give yourself 2 hours before taking the day.


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