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Manic Mondays

Above is my halloween drawing! It's two tricker treaters who had a little too much halloween candy. Thanks, I hope you guys enjoy it!!

I can't believe I'm jsut getting around to actaully completing this course now, months after the fact! Below is my intial sketch for "Loud", my inspiration being how loud my block is on Monday mornings. It's a main street so I und up being woken up by cars beeping and people arguing, for some reason it's the worst on Monday (probably because everone is grouchy about the upcoming work week). I want to be very bold and graphic with a lot of bright color.


So for some reason the colors are WAY off here, the actual version is way less hideous and neon. Below is my layout! I still have a lot of adjustments to make and im excited about adding texture and pattern to it. I was struggling with how to convey how it feels to be surrounded by peoples' voices, so I made little face thought bubbles coming out of the window. I'm not going to keep them white, but I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to treat them. 

Ok so here is my final-ish piece! I stil might mess around with it but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Again, not really sure why the colors are coming up so neon and crazy on this page but they look a lot better in real life.  It's so frustrating because it looks way different! Anyway this class was super fun and I feel like I learned a TON. I cant wait to practice more and incorporate the tips into future projects!


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