Manhattan Special

Manhattan Special - student project

Manhattan Special - image 1 - student project

Manhattan Special - image 2 - student project

Manhattan Special - image 3 - student project

These are my latest sketches. I think the last ones looking a bit freaky with the eyes. I still want to play with it some more before i settle on one.


Manhattan Special - image 4 - student project

While looking through images, I was drawn to several things - some purely for the visual and textural and some for the emotional feeling I got. I love the idea of a very textural hand drawn logo...something thatwould be stamped onto a tag. I'd like to try and evoke a sweet, tender, fragile feeling to my label since the story behind the name was a very personal experience for me and my friend. One idea I had was to have the logo stamped on the front of the tag and have a sentence or two about the story on the back of the tag.


I'm in the process of designing a personal logo that can be used as a label for items that I sell at my spring/fall stoop sale in Brooklyn. The name originated from a quirky/sad incident that occurred during my last sales event which involved a homeless black kitten, a weather beaten brooklyn man and a bottle of Manhattan Special.

So far, this is my latest iteration. My initial thought was to mimick the logo from the Manhattan Special label but now, I'm thinking something hand scripted might feel more appropriate. I'm looking forward to this class as a source of inspiration for my project.

Manhattan Special - image 5 - student project

Marie Coons

Illustrator and designer