@Mangopurring - student project

I just started my public IG account for my art this week. So this has been really useful for me! From having zero knowledge to having a rough idea on where to start.

Since it's the month of October, I decided to hop onto the popular Inktober yearly trend. In a way, it's challenging me to try out new mediums besides watercolour. 

Since I'm from the tiny island of Singapore, these are the hashtags I've been using after research. #sginktober #inktobersg #inktober2020 #inktoberprompts #sgartist #sgart #inktober2020day1 #inktoberfish 

This is my first Ink piece for Inktober. There were mistakes here and there as I learnt about ink's properties. Gradually as the days went by, it got easier! I've attached some photos of them.


Feel free to drop me a DM fellow Skillsharers? Haha, I don't bite! Let's support one another through this exciting journey. 

@Mangopurring - image 1 - student project

@Mangopurring - image 2 - student project

@Mangopurring - image 3 - student project@Mangopurring - image 4 - student project