Catarina Oliveira

Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Toronto based



Mango & Coconut Parfait recipe

First of all, loved all the videos, I specially liked the Layout one and learnt a trick or two about Illustrator!

I love mixing my Chia seeds pudding with fruit so I started my Moodboard by looking for Strawberries and nice pics of jars, bowls or cups with food.


My first sketches. Sketching possible layouts is fun and it can be a never ending process so I moved onto strawberries using the Brush pen to keep lines very loose.


During sketching I changed my mind and decided to make the mango the star fruit.


More sketches. The fruit and then the lettering. I had a lot of fun with the imperfection of brush strokes style.



After taking all the drawings to Illustrator, I decided to keep the lines thick and simple so that I wouldn't be too worried about details and could easily move on to the layout and coloring part.




At this point I wrote the text and rearranged things a bit. I might take the vectors to PSD and experiment with textures more (wood texture is very subtle). I feel like I should have played more with the layout.

Feedback is most welcome. I will wait a few days until I decide if it's ready to submit (or not) to TDAC. Thanks!


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