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Manga Illustration: Story Theme

Konnichiwa! Kore no shimashita! Ii desu ka?


I found out the lyrics I want to use for my hiragana bookmark ^^

tsumaranai "tatemae" ya ya na koto zenbu keshite agerukara kono oto de

which means

Boring "obligation" or all the things you hate
I'll erase them with this sound

It's from the song ハッピシンセサザ

by リンレン

My name is  Rachel, so I definitely know how to write that ^^ レイチェル


So instead of a bookmark I think I'll put the words on artwork that I create. I'd like to sell art at conventions soon and thought that adding japanese would be a nice touch to the anime fanart/ art that I'll be selling. Here's a potential background and lineart of a vocaloid fanart that I'll be making ^^


I was streaming today on and got a bit more done. They now have colors ^^ Still need to decide a bit more on what the light source will be and what parts of the background I'll include in the foreground. Maybe I'll have navi like fairies float around or something. We'll see :P

There will definitely be kanji in this one. The theme of this picture is based on happy reunion, so reunion, happiness, all those good feeling words will be on this one ^^


Worked a bit more on the hair. I like where I'm going, but still think I need to tweak some things a bit. Going to shade the clothes soon and add a light source in between them (sorta like a glowy ball thing of happy energy, maybe more glowy bubbles or fireflies, not sure yet. It just needs something glowy between them).

I'm a bit sad that I accidently ended up hiding the hands. The hands were so expressive. I'll have to remember that next time I draw people, don't hide the hands.

I'm hoping to add the Kanji on the left. Not sure if I'll add the hiragana and/or katakana in this  picture. Perhaps I'll do a self portrait thing with my name or something. I'll probably do more than one art project for this class. I just don't use bookmarks anymore but still wanted to take the class so here I am making art ^^

Guess what? I erased the girls.

Now it's just a plain background.

I didn't like that the hair was covering up most everything. So I'll redraw them in a different position.

UPDATE FINALLY! So here's the new poses ^^ They'll be playing with bubbles



Oy I've been so busy lately. 

So I thought I would upload this ^^ I'm now going to start a tradition of writing japanese alphabets into the sketchbooks when I start drawing in them. This time I did the hiragana alphabet since I just learned that one ^^

Ah this project.... heh heh kinda forgot about it for a while. so much has happened since then. Not sure I'll even work on this painting anymore to be honest. But I've learned 70+ kanji so I'll have to write them down sometime and post that on here.

I'M BACK AND BOOM I'VE ACTUALLY DONE SOME STUFF ok so haha I think I've officially ditched the vocaloid painting; it just didn't really work out. BUT BUT BUT I've made this illustration and man can I just say I'm super happy with it, especially since it tells a story and now it has japanese words, but it's picture words at the same time so technically there are no words in this painting but there are and ahhhh I'm just really happy with it ^^ I'm happy to finally finish this project too; I left it alone for too long >.<

Oh, and here's the finished painting. there's kanji and a sentence with kanji and hiragana in it.




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