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Rachel Beyer

Artist, designer & creative maker




I chose one of my favorite books from childhood, Mandy by Julie Andrews. Since the book title is the main character's name, I'm going to focuse on the letter "M" for this project.

IN THE STORY: A 10-year-old girl named Mandy discovers an abandoned cottage in the property behind the orphanage where she lives. She decides to make it her own by tending to the garden and fixing up the place. It soon becomes her secret getaway. 

My favorite parts of the secret cottage are the garden and a room inside covered completely with seashells.

I plan to incorporate the shell room and the garden in my letter. Here are my initial notes and sketches:

I'd like to try to incorporate some of the animals from the story as well...

Also any thoughts on making it feel more daydreamy or sweet? (characteristics of the girl, Mandy)


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