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For this project I chose to create a mandrill. I think they look very recognizable and colorful, yes, I'm talking about their faces here. ;)

I'm a designer so I have experience with Illustrator and design in general, although I'm not a graphic designer but an interaction designer for interfaces. I always loved images of geometric anything, also those portraits made out of gradient squares and such, so I was thrilled about finding this course! Also this is a good chance to up my illustration skills and learn from a master.

So, I started off with some research. Some of the images I used as reference are:




It turns out that mandrills look very angry most of the time, and have different intensities in colors and width of the head. Some have a more long head (last image) and some a more wide (2nd image).

Similarities between all of them are of course the red nose with blue and grey fur. 

So I started sketching:




I chose to continue with the last one. It was the least angry looking one, which has my preference, and also the simplest one. I think with the last one I managed best to really reduce it to a couple of the simplest shapes possible and therefore it has my preference.

Then I put this in Illustrator:


... and that's how far I got so far. It's made of mostly drop-shapes, a few ellipses and a few triangles and that's it.

Next step to refine it and add all the details and stuff, but I will need to view the video's again for that.


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