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Mandralas Artisan Bakery

I began this project a few months ago, my client is a friend who wants to become an artisan baker and she's beginning an interesting turn in her life while doing so.

After our interview and chat about the project, we defined the goals and discussed the ideas she had for herself and this brand. We shared a pinterest board which I used as a moodboard for inspiration (in case you want to check it out, this is it:

I started with the logo in black and white, focusing on the shape and the message I wanted to send.

And then I got stuck defining a color palette. Now we are defining the visual look of the brand overall and several pieces for her advertising and sales and the palette was urgent.

We wanted the brand to have a relaxed, hand made, rough and rustic feel, focusing on her experience as an artisan baker, where you mix bread dough using metal utensils, and you see a lot of flour on wood, and you end up with fresh and warm bread. Something like that :)

This next image, is the visual concept. I sampled all the colors from these photos. I was always looking for colors that made me feel kind of her experience of the craft itself: smell, temperature, materials and ingredients.


I usually take some other palettes from Kuler as well, and then i take all colors and put them in order by hues: dark, light, accents and their complementaries. The next image, is my process where I started playing around with the first colors, looking for interesting combinations. I might have taken 2-4 hours, i don't remember, this stage in my work always takes a while of testing. Its like if colors were feelings, its subjective. Finally I had one palette that i really liked (the first palette at the bottom of the image).


I really liked this one yesterday! the next morning I look at the palette I had made the night before, and started to check them against the visual concept photos. Then I realized I was missing the warm yellows of fresh bread, and I realized I left those tones unseen. I have worked with tones of yellow before, and for me its a really hard color to work with. I decided to remove the brown, orange and purple, bec I felt they were kind of moving away from my objectives, which was mainly BREAD!

So I continued exploring fearlessly with yellows and looking for clearer tones of white and gray (like flour) trying to avoid from becoming pinkish. Also, I went back to sampling rich brown colors, like wood. I wanted the colors to combine with each other as much as possible. I tested tints and shades, and I ended up with this sequence for the second palette -which I like best.


I put the two palettes against the photos, which help me compare and see which one fits best:


and these are the final palettes together:


I'd appreciate your feedback!



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