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Tiernan McAlister

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Mandala Madness

So I began sketching, and I just drew what came to mind, which is why (I feel) there appears to be a contrast in themes throughout the design. It starts off as a floral, goes into a fish scale type design, and then ends with some sort of antenna style mayhem. I could perhaps attach some meaning to it, but that would be talking some arty farty nonsense, which is just not true. There is maybe two/three themes here that could make mandalas by themselves, but let's just start with one and see how it goes.

I outlined the design in Adobe Illustrator, because I prefer the flexibility of vector paths and it makes adjustments much easier.

I then moved onto the base colouring, and again I did this in Illustrator. The colouring is based on the CMYK model that Pale Horse incorporated, as well as a hint of green to add a different dimension (because I like green).

Finally I moved back into Photoshop for the shading stage. Using the multiply layer function here and there, I added some depth based on what Pale Horse had advised. I kept the line length the same however - it seemed to draw all of the focus to the flower, which is not what I wanted, I'd prefer if the piece was observed all at once, if that makes any sense at all.

I hope you enjoy the final design, and I wish everyone else luck in creating some awesome artwork. Thanks Pale Horse for sharing your skills, I have learnt a lot and it's been a really fun class. Cheers!


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