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Manchester Fitness Guide

Hi everyone,

I've previously set up my own business - an online burlesque ecommerce website and set up a wordpress blog separately which I only posted two things on but it gave me lots of learning experience.

But now i have another idea, but I’m stuck for a name. All the names i keep thinking of have already gone or some big domain name buying company has bought the name and wants to sell it to me for £2k! I was hoping I came up with a name already.

So I’m going to use an interim name for now until I decide on the official one.'Fit to the bone'

It’s going to be a wordpress website that lists all the fitness classes in my city 'Manchester UK'. I'm going to review each class, so that will be half of the blog I reckon. The other half will be my personal blog showcasing my mission to loose weigh and get fit & healthy.

So I’ve done my research and there are currently no other websites that offer this facility apart from London, but I’ll ignore them. But I will use them to get good ideas from. I was thinking of laying out the website like trip advisor - so each class will have a listing with relevant icons to show what the class is best for e.g. weight loss, toning up, pregnant people etc. But to offer the facility for people to rate the class and leave comments. Alongside my review... that's the plan. Then later on down the line when the site gets popular i can start offering advertising / banners etc. to the companies. So i need to work a lot on local SEO and social media to get the word out. And get my personal blog popular.

Gosh i haven’t even thought about images yet. I am a member of shutterstock and i think i still have some credit left so I’ll take a look on there.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. Good luck everyone with your projects!


Hi - OK i'm using 'Manchester Fitness Guide' for now (thanks to Sandra). But i need to work out how i'm going to structure my site. This is my next dilema:

Basically i want two in one. I want to review all fitness classes and put them in their specific class categories AND blog about my weight loss journey and have separate categories for those posts.
So do i set up straight away a dedicated site (in WordPress if possible) for the classes that they can be rated  and reviewed - and stick my blog in that somewhere?
Set up my weight loss blog first to get going and review each class i try in the blog? Ideally i would want two menu's, one for the class types and one for the my blog posts, but i can't find a free theme that offers two menus?
BUT i don't want to complicate things, all the best blogs and websites are narrow focused on one thing only. And i don't want to create too much unnecessary work for myself.
What do you think is the best option?




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