Manayunk Ice Festival Movie – Amelia C.

Manayunk Ice Festival Movie – Amelia C. - student project

Ooops - updated link here:

Week 2

Hello again,

Thank you for your feedback last week Andrew. This week I decided to build on what I had created last week. It was fun to have so much control, but with all that experimentation it took a lot more time to finish...!

The video link is:
And the password: FCACWK2

I didn't have a detailed storyline per say, but I did want to create more of a mood movie with less interview/noise and have it be more of a visual journey. For ease I also wanted to move through the day in chronological order, almost be a journey of the whole day and I liked using the timelapse to bridge that change of time. I didn't get the opportunity to create a compound clip for this, but I love that feature and learned in my previous class how to imbed sequences within sequences. Really useful for working in sections or inserting still image montages which I will use in the future.

The only bit about the audio that I struggled with was eliminating any pops or crackles (I went in added fades to most of the edits) and also I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the backing guitar strumming to Kevin Carving 01, when I just wanted his voice to pop over the backing music.

And here's my screen this week – much more interesting!
Manayunk Ice Festival Movie – Amelia C. - image 1 - student project



Week 1


My rough cut is uploaded to vimeo here:
Password: FCPAC2013

Bit of info about me... I'd recently taken a 4 week class in Final Cut Pro 7, only to find out that my company was going to be using Final Cut Pro X so I wanted to take this class to not only practice what I'd already learned but to also adapt to the new(er) interface. So far - I like it!

My edit might be a tad bit longer than 30 secs... But I'll cut it down next round.

Manayunk Ice Festival Movie – Amelia C. - image 2 - student project