Manayunk Ice Festival Final Cut :-)

Manayunk Ice Festival Final Cut :-) - student project

final project is online.

i tried !! to correct the sound and the color and would have wished, that it could be so easy like in Lightroom (perhaps because i am used to it).
At the beginning of the final video one b/w effect, i few transitions, one freeze frame with ken burns effect and a retiming at the end of the video.

BTW, i have overwritten the rough cut :-(.
The solution was to download the rough cut  from vimeo  and to merge the videos together.

Thanks all for the input.

I would like to learn more, with the same teacher the same class and a new project :-)

Manayunk Ice Festival Final Cut :-) - image 1 - student project


2 week:

Sorry for my bad english, i had no chance to practice it for a while. (living in Germany :-))

Did you use a secondary storyline or a compound clip?

Yes I did, because I wanted to use transitions and they are only available in the secondary storyline. With compound clips I had a lot of problems. It was difficult to change them on the fly.

How did you find editing audio levels?

That was really a tough one. I wished I would be able to level all the selected audio clips at once.

Were effects more of a help on hindrance?

No problems with the effects.

To be honest, I often lost the overview of the final cut the more the project advanced and the bigger it got. (and it is just 1 minute long !!!)

Link to Vimeo:

Here is my screen cap:

Manayunk Ice Festival Final Cut :-) - image 2 - student project