Manayunk Ice Festival FINAL PROJECT

Week 3 (Final Project):

A quick note:  Taking this class has given me a whole new level of appreciation for video and what is involved in it's production. I had a great time learning and look forward to editing the many video clips I have taken over the years. 

Here is my final project:  http://vimeo.com/62477043

This video was built off my week 2 project (Featuring Dan) with additional clips focusing on Kevin and the nighttime theatrical performance of Fear No Ice.

Rough draft from week 1 starts at 00:00

Final Edit starts around 00:31


Audio tracks are from the Vimeo Music Store:

"Up To No Good" by Lee Rosevere

"Jupiter in dub" by Adapt


Week 2:

Here is my week 2 project:  http://vimeo.com/62126322

As with my original clip I focused on Dan.  I tried to constrain the video length to 30 seconds as per the first week project.

While the opening title is displayed I used a disolve transition to gradually fade from black into my first video clip.  I found using effects a distraction on this short interview clip so I gradually added some simple noise to my closing clip as a nice way to end the video.


Audio track is from the Vimeo Music Store: "Up To No Good" by Lee Rosevere (licensed royalty free for personal use).


Week 1:

Here is my rough edit of the Manayunk Ice Festivel.  Hope it's not too bad as it's the first time I have ever edited a video besides trimming length.

Here is my video:  http://vimeo.com/61321519

I tried to follow Dan and his carving but had trouble with some abrupt audio transitions.



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