Manayunk ICE Festival

Manayunk ICE Festival - student project

Project update - Final edit:

Hi everyone, my final edit is uploading right now (I don't think this will be ready on vimeo until 8pm EST)...

I must say... I found this last part to be very difficult - as I tried to complete the piece by including the bonfire footage after my previous stage of work, also looking at my colour correction throughout.

It's the first time I've looked at the adjustments in this way following the course videos (as previously I had only used the effects settings to alter the look of my footage). I would love to play with this some more and get to grips with colour grading!

I've stuck with the same audio track as my previous attempt.

I hope you like it...

Awesome course by the way and great content throughout!




Week 1 edit:Manayunk ICE Festival - image 1 - student project30 second rough cut (video still processing at the time of this post):


Project update - Week 2 edit:

I purchased a soundtrack from Audio Jungle for this next stage of work, started from scratch with a new edit, connected all my clips to this audio file, then I split the audio from any movie clips I brought in (as I wasn't sure whether I would use the movie audio or not and decided to remove it afterwards).

I then added a few dissolves and flash transitions to the clips and when I was happy saved this as a compound clip. I then added a spot light effect and tried to use the video animation pop up menu to bring in some super 8mm grain effects to this compound clip.

I feel like I may be working a little bit messy bringing in the different selections, as I like to stack up the clips when editing and not keep to the magnetic timeline (as I find this a bit restrictive)... see screenshot then latest edit below:

Manayunk ICE Festival - image 2 - student project

Project update: