Manayuck Ice Festival 2nd Project

Manayuck Ice Festival 2nd Project - student project

Here it is.

I finally just had to submit it.  FC was giving me trouble today like it knew I was trying to make a deadline.  I essentially added to my second project and made a separate segment to cover the ice bonfire.

Color correction is vey intimidating to me.  Thanks Andrew for demystifying it.  Color corrected all the clips and also used the shape tool to tone down some of the fire.

Thanks for all the comments I have gotten during this class!  It has been a pleasure to be in here.

Manayuck Ice Festival 2nd Project - image 1 - student project


Here is my 2nd Project

I stuck with the my narrative driven piece, but expanded it to all three carvers.  I did use the compound clip feature after I had my music and audio bed set.  Editing is a challenge because I just have my laptop and not a good set of monitors.  But I certainily love how minute you can get.  I am not a big fan of effects in a documentary,  but I did use the vibrancy effect on the pan of the tools to make the clip look a little bit more blue.

Andrew, you can see the opening titles have a jump at the end of them.  I couldn't figure out why it was doing this. There were no accidental key frames that I could see.  Thank you so much for your lessons.  They are so well done and really helpful.  Can't wait to work on the next project!

Manayuck Ice Festival 2nd Project - image 2 - student project