Managing focus

Managing focus - student project

So, I have started with managing my focus through using the analogue egg timer and I have found that this is such an amazing tip.

My problem with studying is that I tend to either focus too little, and daydream etc. Or I hyper-focus and 4 hours have gone by, and burn myself out or miss out on things like exercise.

Using the egg timer, I have broken down the study into manageable blocks, and I don't overwhelm myself with the amount of work. And the amount of work I have gotten done already in 2019 is a 200% improvement from my old habits. 

I actually get excited to get into my entrepreneur work once I get home from my day job.

This also helps me retain focus during my day job too. When I put on the timer whilst writing up documentation, I have 100% focus on the task. 

I am keen to see my progress of what I have completed by July 01, 2019.