Managing Attention Tip that I'd Like to Use this week !

This Managing attention class could not have come out at a better time.. Just when i'm about to shift my work routine around, and make major changes as well as launch personal projects ! .. I have the time to learn new ways of working and assimilating newer methods of workflow ! 


My favourite and most APT  managing attention advice from this skillshare class by Kevin Siskar was to minimize roadblocks and ensure a smoother workflow is to CREATE A WORK ROUTINE !

Ideas such as creating Themes for each day of the week to streamline the work process and also to form some sort of fixed methodology so that each aspect of work has its own dedicated place in my schedule is one of the best ideas I have come across in a long long time ! I hope and aim to use it in the coming week to create more discipline and a professional workflow for my work processes. Also I can give clients and work associates more specific dates and schedules based on this fixed routine of mine.. 

Crossing my fingers ! Lets hope its as simple as clockwork :)


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