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Man with cane on subway platform


I took a picture of this gentleman on the Union Square subway platorm in New York City over the weekend. He was patiently awaiting the L train to arrive.  He's a pretty typical subject for my Instagram series Subwaygram.

I took a bunch of different shots and used Dan's technique of creating a 'to edit' folder to more quickly differentiate between the pictures I want to move through the workflow.  Super smart suggestion.

Raw Image

Here's the raw image that I've selected for the edit.  I thought it would be good to select since i'll have to make edits using a few different apps including SKRWT, snapseed and vscocam.  I'll add some edits as I make it through the process.


I used SKRWT to flatten the perspective

And added structure and sharpening in Snapseed to make it pop a bit 

I used Retouch to remove some stairs signage, parts of the manhole and some other distracting trash that was distracting and came up with three approaches to the final edit.

1) Flat and Cold

I wanted to create an almost hospital, sterile look in this first approach.  I upped the exposure and contrast and picked a cool filter.

2) Grainy B/W

I wanted to create a cinematic black and white look for my next exploration, heavier on the contrast and heavy vignette-ing to put focus on the subject and push the background back.

3) Warm with Depth

For this one, I chose a much warmer filter then made some additional tweaks to exposure, contrast and vignetting to find a good balance.  

Closing notes

I thiknk ultimately I like 3) the best.  What do you guys think?  I loved this class and class project.  It not only introduced me to some tools I've never used before, it really changed my perspective of what was possible in the post-production process on mobile.


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