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Man Man - Unnamed Fifth Album


For my project I have selected the Phildelphia based band Man Man. They have plans to release their fifth album this summer which hasn't had its title or track list released yet. Because of this, I'll be basing most of my design off of their previous albums. Here's some of the artwork from their previous albums:

As far their sound goes, Man Man is very energetic with their vocals and use of a wide array of instruments. They pull a lot of influence from different sources such as doo wop and they definitely fall under the "experimental rock" catagory. Their latest album, Life Fantastic, is a lot less wacky than their previous ones, and based on interviews it sounds like their fifth album will be the next step in their changing sound. 

At this point, I'm still debating on how tight I want to render my illustration for the album cover. Their previous albums have a collage feel to them with lose line work worked in. But since their sound has been solidifying and is slowly becoming less experimental it would be nice to reflect this in the album art.

Mood Board

Man Man has been a tough band to work with this project because as I previously mentioned not a lot is known about their upcoming album. Based on how they have grown as a band over their previous four albums I can assume that their upcoming album will have a cleaner sound (think less experimentation with instruments and less abrupt transitions within songs). In terms of subject matter and themes, Man Man has always been very much about exploring interpersonal relationships as well as internal struggles. 

For mood I have decided that a hand-drawn aesthetic will work the best (both for illustration and lettering) because it reflects the personal feel of Man Man's songs. A lot of the tracks on their latest album are based on personal experiences and periods of growth/change and I'm guessing this theme will continue on into their next album. My next step will be to work out an album title and cover subject matter/themes.


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