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Sandra Bowers

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Mammoth Logo

So, I chose a Mammoth.  I made some sketches a while ago and had traced themin Illustrator and now the lined file has moved and I can't seem to find them, so no sketches for now.

Here's my final sketch in Illustrator (light gray), with the grid lines on top. While making the circles I decided I wanted a more simplified silhouette so I lost the hair details and the legs, to make it less conventional. It's confusing at first and when I made so many circles I thought it would be hard to know what I was doing, but I got the hang of it and figured it out pretty soon. I obviously didn't follow my initial sketch very closely, but as I was making the circles, this shapes made more sense to me than the light gray sketch.


This is how the outline ended up looking like.


And here I added some color. 


Here it is with the shadows and the background.


And this is it, finally, with a Mammoth "M" that I couldn't help but put in his belly.


And then I added some tecture:


I hope you like it. This is so different than my usual process and type of logos I make (more handdrawn and less minimalistic), but I loved the results. I'm sure I'll keep using this technique.  

I'd love to hear your comments!


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