Mamaki Magic Tea

I've really been loving learning about the traditional Hawaiian herb Pipturus albidus, also known as mamaki. It's part of the Urticaceae or nettle family and is endemic to Hawaii. Like a nettle, it has tonic and nourishing properties, is especially soothing to the digestion and intestines, as well being anti-inflammatory. I started being interested in using mamaki to help with an inflammation response I started having to the sugar cane burns that happen here on Maui. It's taste profile is bitter and astringent, with a tiny bit of pungent thrown in.

In this tea, I decided to use mamaki as my heart herb, so as to really get the beneficial effects of the herb. I added mint as the rhythm herb, partly because it's what I had in my cupboard and partly because I wanted to draw the mamaki towards the nerves and reinforce the digestive qualities. I used lavender as the spark herb, for taste and to add a calming note.  All three of these herbs are great for the nervous system.

I think this is more of a calming tea, but it is not sedative in nature. Rather, I find myself serenely alert after drinking this tea. I think the addition of gotu kola would bring some nice mental focus to this tea. 

I had a lot of fun coming up with this tea, and I can't wait to make more teas as I become friends with other Hawaiian plants.

1 1/2 parts Mamaki (if you don't have access to mamaki, you could use nettle)

1/2 part peppermint

1/2 part lavender flowers


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