MamaGlitch’s Influence Map

MamaGlitch’s Influence Map - student project

This was a huge eye opening project. After I gathered all my images and went to pick 9 out, I noticed I had Pegasus and unicorns over and over! Loads of european art and dance. Environments were all magical and flowery. Genres were usually an adventurous love story or misunderstood lonely characters. That all makes sense and really is a map of who I am. The thing I don’t understand is why in my whole life of art I have never drawn horses. Yet, all my fav dolls growing up were horses, every birthday I put unicorn stickers on my bullet journal, when i sew clothes I think if the clothing would be worn by a human unicorn... but I don’t draw them?! I think I missed my calling. I think I just realized why I don’t like almost all of my art. Although my favorite works are fauness - half animal, half human characters. I am shook. I think I felt that I had to draw people or I would be seen as childish or something, idk, but I never considered I could do well with designing fantasy animals and humanoids. Even flower poeple! I am soooo excited to draw again!!! Thank you for sharing this with us! 

MamaGlitch’s Influence Map - image 1 - student project