Mama market

Milestone #2:

What goal is your user trying to accomplish?
I have two types of users for Mama Mart

1)Tracie (seller) wants to sell or give away baby items that are no longer needed. She would like to pass them along to friends or family that need them, and any monetary gain would be a plus.

2) Maria (buyer) wants to purchase slightly used items from a trustworthy source at a discounted price.

Persona Development:


Storyboard #1 - Maria, buyer

Milestone #1:

Validation Board:


Answer: Is your customer who you thought they were? Did they have the problem?

Yes, seems like every current parent has things they were looking to give away/get rid of/sell. As for the parents-to-be, it was a mixed bag:  majority of them agreed that they have or are willing to accept/purchase slightly used items. A small group were concerned about germs.

List the 5 key learnings from interviews

  1. Some folks were hesitant on used items due to germs - ironically it was the people who were having their first child. Some even mentioned that for their second their concern was more laxed.
  2. People look to family and friends for items (either buying or selling!)
  3. There are a lot of in-person trading/sale events specifically just for baby items. Some of these events require you to live in the area in order to be able to sell your stuff.
  4. People are currently using craigslist as an online option for selling items, but feel it is flooded with products and also coming from an untrust-worthy person (what is their home like, how was this product cared for, etc.)
  5. The item people have the most of to get rid of is clothing, followed by products such as swings, bouncers, saucers - things childen outgrow that are large and take up room.


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