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I have chosen chapter VI from John Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven.

This story was particularly interesting to me because it illustrated how someone can be perfectly happy and content with their life until someone else tells them they’re not.

I chose to focus on the imaginative, innocent spirit of Junius and its effect on his son Robbie.  The arrogance of others considered his fertile land wasted but his real fertile soil was his son Robbie.

Junius Maltby’s admission to Miss Morgan, the teacher, summed that idea up for me:

“I didn’t know I was doing an injury to the boy, here.  I hadn’t thought about it.  I suppose I should have thought about it.  You can see that he shouldn’t be brought up in poverty.  You can see that, can’t you?  I didn’t know what people were saying about us.”


4th and most recent draft:

Third draft up:

Here's my second draft....still too long and wordy but chipping away, little by little...

Thanks everyone!!

This is my first pass - still too long and needs a lot more work but I need to find out if it's even making sense.  It's also my first time working in FD so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time!!!

Step 3:

When confronted with the misguided notions of others, a carefree boy and his imaginative father are jolted into a self-conscious reality. 


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