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Malta perspective

Images from the Maltese farmhouse, the stone work is incredible and it makes for real interesting textures!

So these next lot of pictures are my attempt at capturing the diagnol lines within the image, some I believe are obvious but the one with the pots on the wall, I am hoping are less so, likewise the plants.  It could be that they are not diagnal at all!

Now I'm seeing diagonals everywhere:-)

So my quest to capture diagonal images continues....... I'm now starting to irritate the family:-) More frames within a frame

The following pictures are some of the photos I have taken over the course of the last week, trying to incorporate the rule of thirds, or a frame within a frame, as well as a diagonal line.  The next picture was trying to use the line of the life aid within the picture to create the diagonal.

Thanks for the feedback Frank, much appreciated.  I have posted some more shots but this time with references to what I believe I was trying to achieve.

# Girl in the arch

The shot below was an attempt at using the line of the wall to draw the eye to the arch, whereby another long suffering family member agreed to model.

#Know your pool

I just found this really interesting, the rules and regulations displayed by the use of a private pool and that it seemed such a parody against all the fun that takes place within the pool.  I also found the straight lines of the brickwork against the circle of the life aid another juxtaposition.

# Tea light runway

The next picture is my attempt at capturing symetery whilst using the tea light holders as a leading line.

# Girl power

This next photo was shot at the same time as the one above, however I have planted my trusty model in to make the shot more interesting but again its about symetery.

# Shadow of the boy

This next picture is my attempt at silhouette, I have also tried to frame the picture using the window.  Looking at the picture I wish I had moved the chair from the background, thus removing any unnecessary distractions.

# No bombing!

I love this picture, the anticipation of the boy hitting the water.  I have used this shot as its the diagonal created by the shadow that I wanted to utilise as an abstract line.

# You've been framed

Again I have used the window frame as a way of framing my subject.

# Cool blue

The next photo was the contrast of the red toenails against the blue water, I also liked the implied lines of the pool steps.

# Abstract image

The next photo is all about the lines and as it has been heavily cropped im hoping the image has an abstract quality to it.

# Faceless shadow

This picture is about the silhouette and is focused by the frame within the frame.

# Archways

I loved the symmetry of the arch as well as the colour and texture of the wall.

# I can see you

This is a bit of fun and its heavily cropped, however I wanted to capture the fact that the subjects are the reflections within the mirror and that they are framed within the mirror.

The next few pictures were taken at the airport on the return journey from Gonzo

# Shop

I liked the repetitive nature of the lights and the simplicity of the description.... Shop!

# No passengers

I Have used the posts as a line and liked the fact that nobody was queueing!

# Last drink

I took this because of the lighting and the way in which it drew the eye into the cafe.  I also liked the reflection in the mirror.

So we are now back in good old blighty and the two weeks away have really let me see the garden with new eyes.  Everything is starting to fill out and look really lush.  I have used the garden to try and incorporate some of the tips and techniques we have learnt.

# Abstract Fern

# Leading Line

I have tried to use both the lines of the pavers as well as the low running wall to draw the eye into the garden.

# Hola Hosta

I liked the shape of the leaves and the markings on the leaves, I have tried to use the flower stalk at the top right and bottom left as an implied diagonal as well as keeping the interest within the rule of third.

# Verbascum Beauty

I have used the low wall as a diagonal line and the Verbascum as the focal point of the picture.

# Hosts abstract

I have used the same picture as per hola hosts but I have cropped it and made it black and white in the hope that the image is more abstract.  I also feel this picture has a negative quality as if it has not been developed.

# Wisteria

This is another abstract photo of the foliage on my Wisteria, you can tell I have been missing the colour of home as I'm super happy with how vibrant the garden looks, hence the focus of my recent pictures.

# Pink Stocks

I wish you could smell the photograph!  I'm not sure I've got this quite right, I can't decide if I am happy with the photograph or not or if I'm just happy with the subject.  I don't quite feel I have followed any of the rules?

Don't Speak

The photo below was really interesting to me with the lines of the shutter against the circle of the speaking vent.  I also like the line of the lights caught in the reflection.  I think I could have cropped this further to make it more interesting but I'm not sure.


The leaf markings create a very strong line and the raindrops sat on the leaf make a real interesting pattern.

Contrasting caterpillar

I loved the contrast of the green caterpillar against the purple of the huchera.

Hosts medley

Again this picture is about contrast but I'm wondering if I'd cropped the picture closer and focused on the central leaves would it be more interesting?


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