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After taking Faye's class on defining brand, I really felt like I nailed down the direction I was heading and needed to do a redesign (you can find my project for that class here). Here is a snapshot of my moodboard (complete board can be found on my pinterest profile)


I landed on sticking with logotype pretty instantaenously. I loved how simple and clean it felt, and because I work in design I felt that it far better represented who I am. I decided to go with the font Didoni, and made a few kerning adjustments: 


I also decided that for tags, note cards, or other types of branding packaging it would be nice to have a smaller logo utilizing the same type, and so I came up with the logo that is my cover photo. 


Put this together for potential tags/business cards, etc. as well. 

I used Design Seeds (and frankly I am completely addicted to it now) to break down my color pallette:


With a dark grey as my main text color as opposed to a stark black.

At this stage, I am pretty happy with how things are developing, but I am a bit concerned with the idea that I am not making any changes to the font to make it distinctly my own. I decided that I was being too particular, and that the name alone is unusual enough that it will hold its own. ANY feedback is very much appreciated. 


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