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Monika Zec

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Malika Favre Orient Express Poster

Recreating the amazing poster from Malika Favre about Orient Express. The poster can be found on her website

As I first saw the intro I knew I wanted to recreate a poster from Malika Favre, since she is one on my favourite artists today.

I love her minimalistic style, and the colors and the negative space that she uses. But I also wanted to see and learn the process of creating teese posters.

So I decided to go with it (even thou there are a lot of details and It was a bit scary to be honest).

1. So first I started drawing the girl and some details around her. I used Pen Tool only here since I found it was the best way to do it.


2. After I was done with the girl I started just outlining all the details around her. The table, the window and everything else. Here I also used a little bit of the shapes in order to create some form that I wanted.


3. Than was the adding color process.


4.  And putting everything up together and in it's possition. 


5. And at the end just adding the text.


Thank You



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