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Malibu Beach Picnic

Living in Los Angeles, the more I think about picnics, the more I think about Malibu and the beach picnics and barbeques that we have had through the years.  And that makes me also think about watching Yogi Bear ad Boo Boo always stealing that picnic basket!

My mood inspiration board comes from images of Malibu Pier and many things I associate with the beach...great food, fun and that wonderful relaxed feeling that spending a day at the beach leaves you with. 

I hope I can translate that into a print!

Have some rough sketches here:

Trying to get some illustrator practice with some motif ideas.  Still not sure where I'm going with all this!


After lots of hours with Illustrator and sketching, I am finally feeling my beach, haha.

I will be adding food in here but just so glad to get some Illustrator motifs down and starting to look at the repeat tutorials.  Thanks MaJo for all these incredibly detailed videos.  :)

Started working on my sandpiper motifs with patterns and defining my color palette.

June 27--Update:

I have been going in so many directions with this project.  I realized that because my birds really need to be one-way on the fabric, that I couldn't do a lot of rotating, just sizing and reflecting.  Here is my basic simple square repeat for practice...and plenty of it!  I kind of like how the bird's feet are creating a diagonal pattern so I ended up not reflecting it for this repeat and just using two motifs like MaJo suggested.  

Then I played around with layering and kind of tried to create a beach scene that would end up also looking like a vintage picnic tablecloth when put into repeat.  I kept trying to incorporate food into it, but it just was not working, so I have to make do with a tablecloth, haha!

So here it is:

It may be too busy unless it's blown up really large.  Not sure.  Also I need to fix the 4 circles which are my corners of the tile to line up with the vertical break in the plaid.  Just noticed that!

June 29--Update:

Taking Majo's advice to get rid of the 4 circles and replacing them with a stripe, here it is.  Much better.

July 3----

Finally fixed my stripes and took out the break since it just looked like a mistake.  I think it flows much better now.  I may take out some of the birds near the double stripe,  but at least I have it looking better now.  :)

Again, I'm thinking of this as a pretty large print for a tablecloth or linen kitchen towels.  I would like to eventually use it for a border for a sun motif geometric print:




My homage to the 70's kichen colors of America:  Avocado Green, Harvest Gold and all things inspired by our Mexican neighbors and their food.






I finally decided to move on so I did another square colored bird pattern:

And two more colorways:

Such a fun class!  Thank you MaJo and all who have left feedback!


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