Malaysia Election 2013


I was recently working/living in Malaysia and during my free time I chatted with the locals about their country's history and the change that the upcoming election might bring.  I left the country prior to the  election, but followed the election and aftermath.   

My info graphic is about the Malaysia Election held on May 5,2013.

 I have logged 20 references from online sources and a  number of personal interviews with Malaysians, regarding the election.  

As of now, I have two drafts.  One is more in line with the hours of a day format and the other is a fuller picture of theelection.  

Any feedback would be great!! 

First draft:

2013 Malaysia Election (see info graphic design in picture)  

8 am - voting opens in all 13 states.  13 million registered voters.

10 am - voting centers close early in two states without explanation.

12 pm - 8 million votes cast in first four hours

1 pm - media reports PR is in the lead

5 pm - voting stations close.  Ten million total votes.

8 pm -  blackout at voting stations lasts for two hours

1 am - media reports that BN coalition is the winner.

Second draft:

This includes more of a background of the Malay people and it does not have a day in the life flow.  (see info graphic deisgn in picture)

28 million people

13 milion registered voters  

80 % of registered people cast their vote. 

Voting hours 9 am -5pm 

West Malaysia - Full 8 hour voting

East Malaysia - 1 and half hour voting time

Population breakdown: 20 % East Malaysia/ 80 West Malaysia 

Ethnicity: Chinese (22.9%), Malay (60.3%), Indian (7.1%) 

Party : BN (Barisan National) 

11 party coalition 

55 years in power 

Seats in power:  2004 (188)  2008 (148) 2013 (133) 

Party:  PR (Pakatan Rakyat) 

3 party coalition

Women in paraliment:  22 

Blackbout at voting stations for 2 hours 

WInner: BN 


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