Making your own character in 5 simple steps!

Hee fellow-soon-to-be teachers and teachers :),

I am joining this class because I am really excited to teach people how I made game characters for my graduation project. It is a really simple step by step process that I can show people and with that the are able to make their own fantastisch characters (or other subjects) ! :D I hope people would really enjoy taking this class.

I have four simple steps to make this class as easy als possible so even the people who say they really are beginners at photoshop can join in! 

Step one: Here I will talk about finding inspiration and sketching out a body

Step two: Here we get started in illustrator, to create a simple template for your character

Step 3: In this step we will import the character in photoshop and start with the grey scale layer! 

Step 4: Once the greyscale is finished we will get to tho color layer. 

Step 5: This step is to texturize and finalize the character! 

I don't have an intro yet sorry! Because I have to graduation in a week or so.. so I am kind of focussed on that for now, and after one week I will get busy to make this an awsome turorial!  Please fellow teachers,if you have feedback or questions let me know. I am new at this so I am happy with all the feedback I can get! 

Until next time! 



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