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Making the Most of 20'x20'

Brainstorm of project:

A weekly blog series devoted to the experience of growing in an organic community garden. 

  • growing the most in a small space
  • what to grow vs. what to buy at market 
  • preserving your produce (and what you choose to buy) for winter... In a tiny kitchen with minimal storage space
  • "I have four square inches of sun in my backyard, what can I grow?"
  • the act of participating in a community: the people, the volunteer hours, the end product of a beautiful shared space 
  • the food I make that comes out of the garden

My background: I studied political science and sociology at Vassar (BAs) and I also have a BS in Sustainable Food & Farming from UMass Amherst - so I have a combined interested in hands-on growing and the politics, values, ethics, and culture of small scale agriculture and homesteading. I'm also an avid home cook in the process of developing recipes intended for a blog or cookbook. I've been a backyard gardener for several years and will be venturing into community gardening this spring. 


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