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Making the Cut

Second Pass

My second pass at the story.

First Pass

My Mother calls for me.  It's time for my hair cut

Horrified, I have visions of my mother asking me embarrassing questions while cutting my hair.

I decide to go cut my hair myself.  My sister asks what I'm doing, but I wave her off since I want to do this myself.

I search for scissors but can't find any.  A swiss army knife catches my eye...

Swiss army Scissors!

I look around the room...

No mirrors in my room... what do I do?

I'll just have to do this by feel!

All done!

Presenting my proud new cut.

As I strut past my sister's room she gasps.

Then Laughs...

She shows me my reflection in a mirror.

I'm not pleased...

I start freaking out.  She offers to cut it for me but I want to do it myself.

I realize that she can still give me advice so I ask for some.

She recommends a buzz cut.

"Hey Nic! Where have you been? I've been waiting with the scissors for an hour!

Knock Knock

Though shocked, ultimately my mom is proud that I did it myself.



Begginning - I don't want to get a hair cut by my mom.

Something Happens - I decide to cut my hair myself with no help.

Middle - No mirrors so I cut hair "by feel"

All is Lost - The hair cut is a disaster!

Epiphany - Realize that even if I'm doing something myself I can still ask for advice.

End - I take my sisters advice and buzz cut my hair!  Victory!

3 Ideas

Making the Cut - My mom had cut my hair for pretty much my entire life.  However, I was getting older and she had started to use the hair cut time as a way to talk to me about all the things I would normally never discuss with my mother if I wasn't trapped sitting with a blade to my head.  So I vowed she would never again cut my hair. When my hair grew long I attempted to cut it myself.  I didn't have any proper scissors of my own, so I used a swiss army knife's scissors.  Furthermore, since I knew my mom would never let me do this on my own, I didn't want her to know i was doing it.  So I did it in my room... with no reflective surfaces.  I figured I could estimate how it looked by running my hand through my hair and feeling it after every couple of cuts.  After I had acheived what I assumed was a perfect haircut, I put on a hat and snuck to the bathroom to gaze upon my masterwork.  To call it a mess would be kind.  It was a disaster. I put the hat back on and snuck back out towards my room, realizing that I would be unable to hide this from my mom for long, and that she would insist on correcting it.  It was in this desperation that I asked my sister for her advice.  After having a very very very long laugh at my expense.  She offered to cut it herself, but at this point it mattered to me that I could do this on my own. She thought for a while and pointed me towards the electric shaver saying I couldn't possibly mess that up. I triumphantly gave myself the first of many buzz cuts.  I have cut my own hair ever since.

I decided to do this story because I felt it had the most entertainment value and character out of the three.

Attraction -  I was driving back from a concert with a friend that I had a big crush on. I can't remember how the conversation got to it, but at some point we began talking about what attracts people to other people. She asked me what attracted me to others. At first I was shy about it, I told her she'd think it was silly.  When she insisted I said that for me what I found most attractive was a great smile.  She asked me what made a smile great.  I told her about how a great smile was like the sun, filling you with light, making you feel warm and happy.  She didn't realize it, but I was describing her smile and how it made me feel.  After I had done this, I felt self consious and said something along the lines of, "umm... but that's just me! I mean... um... what do you find attractive?"  She thought for a moment. then turned to me with her hands open in a "it was this big" gesture and said with gusto, "A nice big ASS!" She squeezed the air, at this point looking through me and clearly envisioning asses with a look of absolute glee on her face.  I awkwardly returned my attention to driving.

I really like this story, and almost went with it since the events in it are very fondly remembered and very personal to me.  However, I have to admit that most of it is just two people talking in a car, and it is relatively uninteresting till you get to the punch line.

Gimme a Break! - I broke my ankle while walking on a park trail one day.  Luckily I was with a group and one of my friends took charge.  He was in full on General mode, ordering everybody into tasks and personally acting as a human crutch as we tried to hobble back to the parking lot. On the way back a cyclist stopped and said he was going by the rangers station and would get help.  My friend, probably a little overconfident in his capabilities at this point said, "no, don't worry... I'm a lifeguard."  Considering that we were no where near the water, this statement probably seemed bizzare, but to add to it, he said it in the same way someone would say, "don't worry... I'm Superman." If I hadn't been in such pain, I would have laughed right there. The cyclist looked at him like he was crazy and went towards the ranger station anyways. My friend seemed upset though. He muttered to me, "You know what... I don't think that guy believed that I was a lifeguard." I let out a little chuckle and tried to explain that that wasn't the issue.

This story was funny, interesting, and definitely showed character, but It doesn't really go anywhere.  Besides, it's more about my friend than it is me.


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