Making over the top traditional user friendly

this tablescape met a lot of needs for me, as well as attending to the principles.  It meets the need of having a lot of people for a multicourse holiday meal.  The color story is autumnal, the botanicals include a beautiful pyramidal fruit centered on each place.  Lots of bling on the plates, flatware, etc.  what I really like about it is that it takes into account your (my) 45 year old  old fashioned wedding china and silver and makes them so much more contemporary, or less stuffy by the addition of the earthy chocolate-charcoal stoneware in the middle.  It looks so inviting, with the little personal notes on each pear.   It is not necessarily my own taste...which tends toward the funky...but it solves a problem with warmth and elegance.  Wow, now I have words to explain what I like.  Thanks


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