Making meeting records more appealing

Making meeting records more appealing - student project

I work in a home for disabled people and we have a meeting with everyone once a month.

I tried to apply this class to make our records more appealing, since we display them for everyone to read. This is the old one :

Making meeting records more appealing - image 1 - student project

Now I know it's ugly, but it does the job with the following challenges :

- It needs to fit on one printed page.

- It needs to be printed big enough for people with vision issues.

- It cannot be too complicated to make since it's done on the fly during the meeting.

- We can only use Windows Office tools. I also have to use the built-in fonts.

First thing I did was use PowerPoint instead of Word, in order to move the elements around more easily.

I used the grid to make several samples that could be adapted to the quantity and type of informations.

Making meeting records more appealing - image 2 - student project

I then put it to the test and used it for our last record :

Making meeting records more appealing - image 3 - student project

End result :

- It still looks really boring to me but getting more visual elements in there to spice it up might be challenging since it still needs to be legible enough for people who have trouble reading. We also need the room for all the text and can't shrink the text more than this...

- I think the bite-sized paragraphs make it easier to read, rather than having everything span the whole width of the page.

- I tried to go with the triangled colors for the theme. The idea is also to change the colors each month to help people notice a new report is up. (green header for october, blue header for november, with... pink and yellow highlights ? We'll see how that goes) Also I stayed away from true black for the text, which was a definite improvement.

All in all I think it does look better than the old one while still being accessible to disabled readers, so I'm pretty happy with it, but I'll keep working on it to make it maybe a little less boring if I can.