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Making a Quick-Crochet Awareness Ribbon Scarf

Everyone has been touched in some way by Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, AIDS - the list is endless. I lost my best friend to Cancer in 2008; my father to complications from Diabetes in 2010. Awareness Ribbons have become a common sight in recent years, from tying a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree back in the 70s in support of the Iran hostages, to Jeremy Irons' red AIDS awareness ribbon at the 1991 Tony Awards. I designed this scarf because I wanted to create a more permanent version of the ribbon tribute that could be shared with friends and loved ones who might need some support during a difficult time - a crocheted hug, if you will. And it works up quick enough that you can make one to wear and one to share, in just one weekend.

Participants in this class will be taught the basic crochet skills necessary to create the Awareness Ribbon-inspired scarf. Included in the class materials are my original pattern and a list of colors and the causes they represent, so participants can create a scarf that will raise awareness of a cause that's near and dear to their hearts!  

Update: Here's a link to my class outline milestone: 


Update: Here's a link to my revised Introduction Video:


7/30/2016 - Update: My Intro and first two lessons are finished and uploaded! Definitely making progress. Only two lessons left to finish editing so I should be able to hit the Publish button before midnight tomorrow night!


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