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Making a Financial Plan: Now You Can Save and Enjoy Spending Too

My listing is up and can be seen here: Making a Financial Plan: Now You Can Save and Enjoy Spending Too

Values-based financial planning

Financial plans are as unique as fingerprints.  You come with your own set of values, goals, and dreams and walk away with a basic financial plan totally customized to you.  This document will shed light on where you are, where you want to be, and next steps to get there.  If you don't feel totally in control of where your money goes each month, or you can't decide how much to save or which goal to start with, then this class is definitely for you

What you will learn

  • to create a spending plan that doesn’t require closely tracking expenses
  • to prioritize competing savings goals
  • where to save and strategies to make it automatic and stress-free
  • tips and an action plan on what steps you need to take to set the plan in motion

What to expect

  • 2 90-minute classroom sessions
  • interactive workshop-style
  • to share insights you have about your finances without sharing any personal financial information with classmates  
  • an Excel template with interactive tools you'll customize to your situation
  • to bring a laptop

About me and my clients
I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, educator and founder of the blog young, broke & AWESOME! I teach personal finance classes to members of Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union and at the Brooklyn Brainery and have been featured for my work with clients in the Brooklyn Eagle and Voices of NY.  I have developed financial plans for hundreds of clients of all income levels and backgrounds.  Now I want to teach you the process of creating an effective financial plan because with a little help, the most qualified person to create your financial plan is you.

 “I am so grateful for Kristen - for her genuine desire to help people get their finances in order, her savvy and brilliant excel spreadsheets and tools which are genius, her ability to relate to what I say and talk so I understand, her ability to let me feel comfortable and supported as I tackle real problems that were a source of so much anxiety, her ability to actually make financial planning fun, accessible, and most importantly EMPOWERING!”  - Becca, my client who has now paid her car off, started saving for retirement, and fulfilled her dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor.


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