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Making Something Out of Nothing

Hey all, Elyse here. I've had this class on my to-do list since it was released because I've been looking for opportunities to start a better art habit. After a year of working long hours and doing very little in the way of visual art, I am taking some time off to relax and draw, and what better way to get back into the habit than this class?

DAY 1.

I watched the Day 1 video yesterday and today went diving into my old leftover gouache. It's raining in Houston today and I just so happened to have a great moody blue-grey mixed in one of my containers. Commence cloud painting!


I honestly forgot how much I enjoy working with gouache. I like how you can keep moving it around and playing with textures once it's down on the paper.


All these clouds also called for some sun:



I used prismacolor markers and a compass for the suns, and lined the clouds in these last two with a 005 Micron. I'm really pleased with the effect.

Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!

DAY 2.

Okay so today I got my printer all set up, printed out the prompts, and got my little bowl of magic started. So I drew "trees" and picked a brush out of my cup of tools... and didn't end up using either! When I opened up my sketchbook to get started, I found the quality control sticker, which had a great little pattern on it and got me started on my sketchbook page for today. I'm really pleased with how it came out:


I might do the trees prompt later today or tomorrow, or I'll be inspired by something different from the Day 3 video. I'll be sure to update with whatever comes next. 

DAY 3.

Real talk this day was a challenge. It's funny because I love working under the pressure of a deadline but was grumpy about artificially limiting my time. I felt rushed and like I couldn't do the challenge justice, but quickly came up with a solution for how to draw the junk in my drawer in a way that let me still use my tool (colored pencils) and feel good about what I drew. My time limit was 2 minutes, so I ended up spending 2 minutes on three pairs of items for a total of 6 minutes.

That said, I don't love the actual sketches but I like what came out of the exercise -- doing contour drawings with colored lines. It's a fun idea for illustrating that I'd like to play more with going forward.


I am really appreciating the process of selecting a tool and selecting a prompt -- it keeps me out of my own head and gets me going quickly and there's a nice element of serendipity. When I reached into my box of tools, colored pencils were perfect for this prompt.

As much as I was grumpy about the time limit, I know it's good for me: I got super wrapped up in yesterday's sketch and ran out of time for the other projects I wanted to work on. This is, after all, a sketchbook class, not a "complete every work 100% and perfectly" class (which I know would not be a healthy approach to art).

Learning lots of lessons in this class and I'm super grateful for it.

DAY 4.

I'm at home a lot right now so I wasn't too sure about choosing a space to work but I'm working on trusting the process because it's been good to me so far. Today's set of challenges:

TOOL: sponge brush, about an inch wide
PROMPT: "what's in front of me"
TIME: 3 mins
LOCATION: the den of my house, which has a lot of couches, some shelves, and a TV

At first I was like great, cool, going to draw some couches this is going to be super lame, but then I realized three of my plants are sitting on the window in there and I decided to draw them instead because they have a great variety of shapes and textures.


The sponge brush is super wide and holds a lot of paint, so it was a little bit of a challenge to actually draw with, but it forced me out of my usual precise habits. It also forced me to get the gouache back out (though I did also order a cheap watercolor set this morning to make it quicker to start painting. Here's what I've got:


Colors were a little off because I made myself stick with whatever I'd squeezed into my paint tray bit I like what I was able to do with what I had. I was glad I got the paint out, and painting with the sponge brush was interesting. Because it was so wide I could put multiple colors on it at once, which let me make some gradients with the leftover paint:


Definitely a technique to explore further (and with more colors, and on a larger work area than my 5" x 5" sketchbook). A good start to today.

DAY 5.

I made it! I'm really pleased that I made sure I did this each day. I'm really looking forward to Ria's February sketch challenge.

Today's challenge:

TOOL: hot glue gun glue stick
PROMPT: "imaginary creatures"
TIME: 6 mins

I didn't choose a location this time because I was already in my office at home and didn't feel like moving. I was really glad I grabbed the glue stick to use as my tool today. I've been interested in using that perfect round end for stamping and used a Prismacolor marker to apply color to it. 

Here's what I got:


I started just making marks with red to get something on the paper and then it started looking like a sheep so I thought hey why not demon sheep? I'm really happy with how they came out.

To finish out this class, I'm choosing to go with 29 for my number of days because Monday starts the February sketch challenge. I'll be starting the second #sketchbook magic class tomorrow and will continue my sketchbook project there.

So much love and gratitude for this class.



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