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Melissa Baker Nguyen




Making Something Awesome.

ok, hold y'er horses, I am just getting started ;)

Ok, so just did my exercise. WOW that was harder than I thought I was was worse at it than I figured I'd be- lol

Here we go!

So I've chosen a very simple font for basic writing. It is based on my own handwriting (WHEN I am paying attention  to it :)

Oh yes, and as you can see I have a smudge on the top of this page- Friendly reminder- make sure your hands are clean :) #handletteringadvice 

MY FINAL FONT : I really like how it turned out. I still have to finish the finals of the dodats and comma's etc. I'm super happy. NOW I WANT A TTF of it ! 

Ok, I revised the CHUBBY G- and It looks so much nicer! Thanks Kyle :)

 What do you guys think?


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