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Elena Genova




Making My Home Beautiful

Hi All. My name is Elena and I live with my partner and my daugher in Edinburgh, UK. Me and my daughter moved here 5 years ago from Moscow, Russia, a year ago my partner and I bought a house and now we (or I :) ) are struggling to make it look cosy. The house has four bedrooms but we are on a quite tight budget so most of the rooms don't have much furniture yet. Probably it's a good thing :)

Anyway, here is the first part of the homework: an image that illustrates

8 Principles of Styling

I don't think there are any words needed, but here is a couple of thoughts:

I could not decide which element gives more of the Texture - the sideboard (wood), the lamp (linen) or the rug (whatever it is). They all look so well together that I can't see any strong feeling about one being more powerfull than the others...

I also liked the Placement part - all those little figures on the picture looks great :)

Like the simplicity of the design a lot.

Here is the second part of the project - the images BEFORE

I couldn't decide which sofa or bookcase to decorate so I took pictures of all of them :) Will decide later.

Here comes the sofa #1

It is a guest room. Hence it is not just a sofa but a sofabed. This is actually the only object in the room besided some "botanicals" by the window. The room is quite small. My mom does a lot of embroidery and every time she visits she brings something framed from her work to us. We have no choice but hanging it on the walls :) All pictures look really good the only problem for me is to mix them with photographs/pictures that I would really like to have on the walls as well.

The sofa #2 and bookcase #1 :) It a part of the family room that is connected to the kitchen.

One of my moms embroidery pictures hangs on the wall (this is my favorite one)

Here is bookcase #1(it's in my study. I work from home). Looks a bit messy, doesn't it? :)

I don't actually have a console. At least not the one I like. So I'm posting kind-of-a-console or console-to-be here.

And the last item in the list is a bed. It does look huge because of the wide angle lense I have, but it gives a good impression on the room - there is nothing but bed there... yet

Hopefully by the end of the course I will be able to create something really nice (comparing to what I've got at the moment) or, if I fail, give up and hire someone to do this for me :)


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