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Making Music

I'm still formulating my next move... but below is my first blog post to explain my first step.

Today I quit my job, this is why:

Everything I seem to do, leads me to the same thing - music. Always pulling my attention and dreams. It has slowly become one of the few constants bridging my past and present. So, I've decided to make it my future.

Adios safe and secure. Good riddance "working for the man." Time to jump in with both feet. What about the job? There are countless reasons not to bound away:

  • Great people
  • Decent pay with benefits
  • Inspiring leadership and management
  • Some opportunity to be creative, take risk, create new revenue
Practically speaking, I shouldn't quit. But, selling advertising, while enjoyable, is not what I love.

Preparing for a sales presentation: I'd mentally practice scales. Rough day full of clients' passive aggressive "thanks but I'll pass": I'd use the frustration as art-fuel at rehearsal. Closed the big sale: I'd celebrate by jamming to my favorite groove.

I could continue investing energy into long days/weeks and make a boat load of money, "professionally develop" and maybe be promoted to a leadership role. But, in the end would I be fulfilled? No. So I quit.

Time frame, finances, long term goals, and "what exactly are you going to be doing?" are questions I intend to answer with this blog. And in the process I hope to nudge someone out there (maybe you) to find what makes them happy and take a leap too.

Much love,


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